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19792Re: [SCA-JML] authentic Kimono pattern?

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  • Anthony Bryant
    Sep 6, 2005
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      Solveig Throndardottir wrote:

      > I looked at a bunch of those. Several of them, as I recall, depict
      > what are actually traveling clothes. Traveling clothes are a distinct
      > form of clothing which you see a fair amount of in pre-modern
      > Japanese. Traveling clothes persisted in North America at least until
      > the 1950's. Regardless, one of the pictures I referenced depicts a
      > formally dressed high ranking buddhist cleric. The original issue was
      > whether or not a "self-respecting" male would go without pants. I
      > believe that the examples from the Costume Museum answer this
      > question in the affirmative. Yes, indeed! Certain pretty high-ranking
      > self-respecting premodern Japanese men would on certain formal
      > occasions go without trousers.

      I think you're conflating the issue of specialized uniforms (e.g.,
      clerical "work clothes") with what the NORMAL person wore.

      Certainly historians of Japanese clothing and fashion (e.g., Suzuki
      Keizo, Sato Yasuko, and Kawabata Yasuhide) fall on my side. In fact, if
      I remember the source correctly, the bit about dignified men not going
      out without pants is a near direct quote from Kawabata in Yusoku kojitsu

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