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19791Re: [SCA-JML] authentic Kimono pattern?

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  • Michael Wood
    Sep 6, 2005
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      --- Solveig Throndardottir <nostrand@...> wrote:
      >The original issue was
      > whether or not a
      > "self-respecting" male would go without pants. I
      > believe that the
      > examples from the Costume Museum answer this
      > question in the
      > affirmative. Yes, indeed! Certain pretty
      > high-ranking self-respecting
      > premodern Japanese men would on certain formal
      > occasions go without
      > trousers.

      I am so sorry I started this argument; I meant to help
      a new person to the SCA make her man look like he was
      a samurai, somehow kimono alone looks incomplete. My
      terms were inappropriately general and vague. I read
      somewhere (be careful using undocumented sources) that
      a samurai would never attend a festival (SCA events
      being festivals) without pants. I have only studied
      some people of the "Sengoku" period, so my area of
      knowledge is truly quite small.

      In the future I will be more careful how I phrase
      things... "Look here for cool samurai pants too!"

      Sorry for the confusion

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