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19789RE: [SCA-JML] authentic Kimono pattern?

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  • Michael Wood
    Sep 6, 2005
      --- Ca-Rinn <Ca-Rinn@...> wrote:

      > So.. what would I do about pants? I cant afford much
      > more, since I have
      > to make his garb, some garb for myself (I have been
      > using gold key for
      > five freaking years for summer events because the
      > only thing I ever made
      > was a early spring late fall t-tunic), and a chemise
      > for my 4 month oldÂ…
      > Im not a garb nazi (neither is Hideki-kun), so
      > anything really is cool
      > with us, as long as it is nice to our budget :-)
      > Your humble Servants
      > Cairenn McGowan of Mugmort and Hideki

      I actually found a really good hakama pattern from one
      of the replies to an earlier post (or this post), it
      looks pretty straight forward:

      I tried it over the weekend and was pleased with the results.

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