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19774Re: [SCA-JML] authentic Kimono pattern?

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  • Jennifer Kobayashi
    Sep 2, 2005
      --- Ca-Rinn <Ca-Rinn@...> wrote:
      > is the Men�s kimono pattern shown ther
      accurate, I�m making it for my
      > fiancée for his first event, he wants a Japanese
      > persona, and since mine
      > is Irish, I don�t know much about Japanese
      > garb (I have only met one
      > person in the society with a Japanese persona, and
      > it was a very brief
      > meeting)
      > Many Thank yous in advance
      > Your Humble Servant,
      > Cairenn McGowan of Mugmort
      Gracious lady,
      Before you invest time and effort in a modern kimono
      pattern from buttrick or folkwear, may I humbly
      suggest you peruse the useful information at:
      for instructions on a kosode (kimono with small
      sleeves) and lots of other great stuff

      an overview of outfits and instructions for making

      the garb files under the files section for this group
      (sca-jml): including hakama1 (pants)

      as well as
      and a wealth of information at
      and many pictures of appropriate outfits at:

      Although a modern kimono pattern can be useful for
      figuring out the construction, the proportions are not
      correct for a period garment. I hope the above
      information is helpful. Good luck and best wishes,

      Ki no Izumi called Kobayashi

      - Jennifer

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