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  • Donald Luby
    Aug 8, 2005
      On Aug 1, 2005, at 5:22 PM, Diane Taylor wrote:

      > If one is fighting with a Mempo behind a face grill, can one
      > conceivably cheat (choke gasp.. CHEATING?? MOI??) and use a
      > lightweight plastic instead?
      > Oh, not too obviously by using some really strange colored plastic,
      > I'm talking about maybe using the blue plastic, sanding it down and
      > spray painting it black.
      > Would that work behind a full face grill?
      > Please, any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

      I would think it would be legal, with the following conditions:

      1. it be completely covered by your (otherwise completely legal) face
      grill and neck armor;
      2. it be made of shatterproof plastic (the same requirements as
      glasses, for the same reasons - we don't want sharp shards of plastic
      inside your helmet during combat);
      3. it be snugly strapped down so as to not slide out of place (esp. if
      it were to block your vision or air if it were to do so);
      4. it not interfere with the attachment mechanism(s) of your helmet
      (i.e. it doesn't cause your chinstrap to side and thus the helmet
      rotate, or reduce the effectiveness of the protective qualities of the
      helmet, &c).

      On top of all this, I'd recommend that any place where the was direct
      contact between the menpo and the helmet (incl helmet padding), which
      I'd try to avoid, that the menpo be padded so as to not be driven into
      your head by an impact on the helmet.

      > Namaste,
      > Qara Unegen

      Sir Koredono
      AEthelmearc Earl Marshal
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