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19628Re: [SCA-JML] A question of terms

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  • T. Carpenter
    Jul 19 2:38 AM
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      T. Carpenter wrote:

      > I don't know of any term that's specifically 'East meets West' - unless
      > it's the title of a specific painting or something. The social movement
      > of Japanese-European cooperation, integration and education, however,
      > was called 'kokusaika', if that helps?

      I feel I should amend my own e-mail, lest I give the wrong impression,
      as well. My apologies. 'Kokusaika', conceptually, has become
      'internationalization' or more accurately, 'expantion into
      globalism/global economy' despite the initial coining as an almost
      totally Japanese-European prospect. Socially, however, this concept only
      goes so far - like an american claiming 'oneness' with citizens of
      Bangladesh because they're currently eating vindaloo with some naan.
      Your mileage may vary depending on region and subject matter as to how
      truly 'kokusaika' something is.

      -Mishima no Akikata, of the Hand of the Hunt
      -Tyler Carpenter, Rogue Academic
      "Cloud-free mountains/Encircle the sea, which holds/The reflected
      moon:/A view of it there changes/the islands/Into holes of emptiness in
      a sea of ice" - Saigyo
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