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  • Ii Saburou Katsumori (Joshua B.)
    Jun 12, 2005
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      > What are the bottoms made out of? There may be a way to rough them up
      > for every day use.
      > Hopefully some of our heavy fighters will hit the list at some point
      > with information on what they wear, but trying to fight in any sort of
      > sandals sounds like a Really Bad Idea. My roommate lost two toenails
      > when he legged his opponent and said opponent went to his knees,
      > landing on my roommate's feet.

      Geta aren't for everyday use--they are more like 'rain boots', for the
      mud and similar inclement areas. They should NOT be fought in. Any
      marshal that passes them as safe for fighting should not be allowed to
      marshal, imho.

      Zori are also not used for fighting (not as big a problem, imho,
      because your more likely to just step out of them than to end up
      falling and twisting your ankle because of it). They do not meet any
      kind of 'rigid protection' rule--some kingdoms are more picky about
      footwear than others.

      Waraji would be appropriate. These sandals tie onto your feet. You
      definitely want tough feet before fighting in them, as your toes tend
      to hang over the edge, and if there are any sharp bits of stone, etc.
      it can cause problems unless your feet are used to being abused
      (kendo, kicking--and wearing geta alot--seems to help). They do not
      provide any sort of protection, however, and an armoured knee or
      hiking boot that comes down on your foot will hit bare skin.

      Ideally, I recommend trying to take some form of modern shoe and
      dressing it up to look like kegutsu (look that term up on Google, and
      several helpful sites pop up right off the bat). Try that, and see
      how it goes.

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