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1938Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Spiffy book

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  • Marc Choronzey
    Oct 2, 2000
      > "Mucaxi arixi iyeua marenari, aruiua cozo yaburete cotoxi
      t´┐Żucureri." = "Mukashi arishi ie wa marenari, arui wa kozo
      kotoshi tsukureri." = "There are few old houses [remaining]; those
      that were torn down last year are built [anew] this year." (This is
      part of a long passage on the impermanence of things in the capital.)
      > Sorry for being so hyper about something on which most sane people
      would -- reasonably so -- not give a hoot. I just had to let you
      know. This is *so* cool.
      > Effingham
      > (a pig in sh!t)

      Noble Amida! It's madness!!!



      Complete delirium!

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