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  • sean_somers2002
    May 3, 2005
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      > I have found that Googling the title in Japanese sometimes will get
      > some hits, even ones from a bookstore.

      And one more additional option: you can try buyubooks.com (you
      probably have already, but I mention them just in case). Their
      specialities fit in with exactly this type of book. They're not a
      'used' bookshop, but they do carry a reasonable number of shinkohon
      that would otherwise not be available through places like Kinokuniya.

      Send them an email: they have a network of shops in Japan with whom
      they deal with, and can make enquiries. So, if a shop does have it in
      Japan - but are loath to make international sales (you have to get the
      katakana conversion of a western name dead on from your North American
      credit card) - they will act as an intermediary and get it.

      It's a bit of a beaten docket, but try it.
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