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19011Re: A musician plummeting into desperation

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  • Taira no Akiyo
    May 2, 2005
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      *hides behind fan* I'm a female but this is a common mistake when
      people see my mundane name. And I'm in Maryland, very far from home.

      I have the rest of the week off so maybe I'll find space for koto
      storage while I clean.

      In Okinawan koto/kutu there's two main schools, Nomura Ryu and Afuso
      Ryu. Neither of these are really SCA period.

      Some lovely audio clips at
      Yeah, I used to be able to play those from memory. *sobs into her
      sleeve* I want my koto...

      Maybe I'll take up sanshin. Very periond Okinawan instrument but my
      great grandmother gave all great grandfater's away because "women
      don't play sanshin."

      I have very limited experience with Japanese koto but I can help you
      with things like posture, hand position, basic notation reading and
      timing. I'm camping with House of Two Tigers at Pennsic and will
      probably be working in Ursula's Alcove or White Wolf and the Phoenix
      but we can plan to meet.

      ...who probably was a guy in a previous life
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