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19007Re: Easy Heian Era Recipes?

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  • booknerd9
    May 2, 2005
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      I hope no one minds but I'm posting an update regarding my May Day cookery, so
      anyone else who needs a few quick recipes can make use of my trials (and errors). I
      made somen noodles with seaweed and a splash of tamari sauce and spinach with
      toasted sesame seeds and a bit of the same sauce. I bought the tamari sauce at a co-
      op, so I didn't need to make it or hunt around at every area Asian grocery.
      Anyway, my provost liked the somen with seaweed, sort of. The problem with somen
      is that it's a very sticky noodle and has an almost "wet dust" residue on it which
      seems (so far) impossible to get off. I had a ton of the dish left over and a ton of
      seaweed left in the fridge. Warning, if you get the stuff dried and are not planning on
      feeing an army of penguins, you only need to make a fourth or so of what you need
      as it swells up incredibly (i.e. a half a cup of dried seaweed turns into two cups or so
      of the real stuff). So now I have seaweed hanging out in the fridge. I'd throw it out in
      the main garbage on my dorm floor but it might wig out other residents....
      Everyone loved the spinach with the tamari sauce and the toasted sesame seeds, in
      fact I might make it for my parents when I get home. It's definately the easiest recipe
      to make on the spot if all you have is a microwave, you just have to toast the seeds
      earlier- and the browner they are, the better.
      And the gummy rats went over splendidly as usual. I accidently made them a borough
      tradition so now I'm beholden to the group to bring them to every event...

      Thanks to everyone for helping me figure out what to make! (:

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