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  • sean_somers2002
    May 1, 2005
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      The first thing you will want to do is go to e-hon (www.e-hon.ne.jp)
      and ensure that this book is still in print. Once you get all of the
      information (publisher, etc) from my experience you have three options
      for getting a speciality book like this:

      (1) go to Japan
      (2) contact a major Japanese bookshop in North America like
      Kinokuniya. I am fortunate to have one in my city and I do all of my
      special orders through them. I know that they will post a book to
      anywhere in the US . . . so, even if you live physically far from a
      shop, you can make arrangements over the phone and they will send it
      to you. The costs will be, of course, a bit high, as places like
      Kinokuniya do *not* do flat exchange on the yen. Instead, they have a
      'factored' exchange, where their costs (shipping, customs, service,
      etc) get factored.
      (3) If your Japanese is up to it, you can order through Amazon.co.jp.

      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, Sluss1951@a... wrote:
      > Looking for information on this book / as where to buy ? Shumi no Sukashi
      > Tsuba / Kogatana Sakuri - Naruki Kazuhiko, Nakata Kanehide, etc.
      > This books is quite interesting book showing the way to make Sukashi tsuba,
      > Kozuka, and the how to polish it. Many professional experts wrote each
      > chapters and Tokuno Kazuo and the famous 2MY Gendaito smith, Nakata Kanehide joined
      > to write chapters for Kozuka making. There are many photos and Kozuka price
      > list and Tsuba makers' value are listed well. Book is in excellent condition.
      > 15.5cm x 21.5cm, Printed in 1980, 166 pages / like to find this information
      > in English also any How to Links - Thank You, Conley
      > _http://www.jpsword.com/files/tsukashi.JPG_ (http://www.jpsword.com/files/tsukashi.JPG)
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