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18980Re: A musician plummeting into desperation

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  • sean_somers2002
    Apr 28, 2005
      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, "madnative81" <gacarlisle@m...> wrote:
      > So here's my schpeel: I have a koto, and I have musical scores for it
      > in western, eastern, and modernized eastern notation. I also have
      > reams of info as to how I should tune it according to the various

      I'm not quite sure what sort of help you're looking for, exactly. Do
      you currently have a sensei who's teaching you - or is that what's at
      issue? The Toho Koto Society is one of America's largest
      organisational bodies concerning the intrument (www.kotosociety.org);
      and, whilst they may be out of your area, they could provide contacts
      and information regarding someone more local to you. Another good
      source of information is the Japanese Music Institute:

      Finally, let me say the Yoshida Brothers's new CD (self-titled) is
      some of the most innovative - yet traditionally virtuostic - koto
      playing I've ever heard.
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