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188[SCA-JML] Re: kanji and romanji

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  • Kass McGann
    Jan 31, 2000
      I concur. I have tried this same listing twice on two separate
      computers as well. No luck. Alternate site, anyone?

      And while i'm here, since I seem to be the only one actually
      asking questions all the time, is this getting seriously annoying to
      anyone? I mean, should I shut up, or something? I'll start tabulating
      votes (no, you can't vote more than once, Baron Master Edward-tono).

      Ogami Itto
      Personally, I don't mind your questions, Ogami-wake. If you didn't ask
      something, I fear the list would be totally quiet.

      I just wish you guys would talk about something other than weapons
      sometimes... ;)

      Fujiwara no Aoi-hime
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