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  • Solveig
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Date Dono!

      Greetings from Solveig!

      >I made a chart that hopefully people can cut and paste from, with
      >hiragana, katakana, and keyboard combinations on a Windows machine that
      >let you type those goofy vowels with macrons over them.

      I assume that you mean circumflex not macron.
      Circumflex belongs to most character sets, but
      macron does not. I believe that macrons may be
      available if you are using unicode. While unicode
      is built into recent operating systems, a lot of
      folks are still using pre-unicode operating
      systems. In deference to those with older
      software, I urge you not to macrons in email. You
      can embed them in pdf files all you want. Please
      use circumflex instead.

      On a macintosh, a circumflex is placed over a
      vowel by holding down the [option] and [i] keys
      and then after releasing them typing the letter.
      Thus, û is produced by simultaneously typing
      [option] and [i] followed by a [u]. (Note. The
      square brackets are there to make them look like
      key caps.)

      Thus, one can type â, ê, ii, ô, û and make
      Hepburn and all of those Anglo-American Japan
      scholars happy. They get quite petulent when you
      don't use Hepburn. However, the Japanese do not,
      in general, use Hepburn. Japanese mostly do
      "wapuro Japanese" at the moment. This makes
      Anglo-American Japan scholars go appoplectic, but
      they can pout all they like, the Japanese
      language does ultimately belong to the Japanese.
      (Incidentally, my professor at the University of
      Toronto once fumed about what he called "wapuro
      Japanese" about ten years ago, but he can not
      hold back the sea of Japanese usage.)

      I learned wapuro Japanese in Japan via using it
      to type Japanese into computers for various
      work-related and personal purposes. At the time,
      some entry systems were really difficult. Canon
      had one of the best and NEC one of the worst. My
      Sharp MZ-2500 had a system almost as good as the
      Canon system. Apple's kotoeri is somewhat similar
      to these sytems.

      Your Humble Servant
      Solveig Throndardottir
      Amateur Scholar

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