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184[SCA-JML] Re: kanji and romanji

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  • Barbara Nostrand
    Jan 29, 2000
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      Baron Edward!

      It is the "dynafont" set priced at 12,000Y (It was marked at $95.00 and
      I think I got it for less than that, but it's still worth every penny at
      It has a font called heiseimincho, a gyosho font, and other neat stuff.
      I am still after a couple of Japanese fonts, but finding stuff of this
      sort outside of Japan is pretty amazing. I think that there is a Sumo
      ban typeface in the second disk, but it is not shown on the back of the
      box. RFNum117 looks like it might be a Sumo-ban font. (Unfortunately,
      the booklet only shows the numerals and few special signs. I don't feel
      like installing the font just to find out.)

      I still want fonts for several of the old-style character styles which
      I have forgotten the names of (at least some of them). Unfortunately,
      my best calligraphy manual (which had all of this stuff in it)
      dissappeared at Pennsic several years ago along with two rings. I
      hope that whoever has them has at least found a use for them and has
      not just thrown them out due to being mean.

      Unfortunately, I can not even order a copy of the lost book from
      Kinokuniya as I do not have a copy of the article I wrote for
      Pikestaff which has the book cited in the bibliography.

      Your Humble Servant
      Solveig Throndardottir
      Amateur Scholar

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