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  • sigrune@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2005
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      I do not have the books in front of me (I am at work) but I belive that "tsuki-me" (moon woman)is a fine personal name for the era (1570-1580) that you are targeting. You would need to check if "tsuki" is the appropriate character/pronunciation for it though.

      Japanese naming practices at first glance can be very confusing, I beleive the main cause for it is the huge difference in the words and forms of words used. European derived languages have a greater similarity, such as Iustinos = Justinos - the modern Justin, or Mikhail = Mikal = Michael
      (As a personal aside I am begining to think that "Saburou" is the Japanese SCA equivilent to "Bob" or "John")

      As far as knowledgeable people go, Lady Solvieg is perhapse one of the most learned and studied people on this list in the realm of Japanese names. As a matter of fact, it can be said with accuracy that she is the one who "Wrote the book" that the College of Heralds uses to check period Japanese names against. (I do not know if she is still or ever was a commenting member of the CoH herself, but I am sure she could give you advice to use on the process.)

      In regards to your question not being answered, I belive your thread got hijacked. There are so many posts with the subject "nani-nani-Name Help/Request-nani-nani" that it is easy for people to loose track of which thread is which.

      Things that would go towards consideration besides the date of your persona, is class, wealth within the class, area/region of Japan, if you had any assumed names as well, if you had taken vows to become a nun, your marital status, and possibly if you held any titles but those are not usualy registered.

      Takeda Sanjuichiro Akimasa
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