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178[SCA-JML] Re: kanji and romanji

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Jan 28, 2000
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      akimoya wrote:

      > On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:
      > > Akimoya-dono already beat me to it, but...
      > Hey, when you're good, you're good.
      > And speaking of beating, does anyone have documentation on period torture
      > techniques? Is hojojitsu period? How about so-called japanese "rope
      > bondage"?

      Pretty much...

      Although most of the really juicy tortur... ah, interview methodologies ...
      really are recorded from Edo, they seem to have had their origins in older

      The various methods of tying were indeed old, and different houses reputedly
      had their own secret knots to tie prisoners with.

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