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17705Re: [SCA-JML] Weapon question

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  • sigrune@aol.com
    Jan 29, 2005
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      To my knowldge there is no weapon approaching a dual ended sword. About as close as we come in Japanese weapons is the Naginata, which is single bladed, but sometimes has either a relitively heavy weight (about a half pound) on the other end, or a metal tipped point. (not sharp but pointy) These prodivided counterbalance to the blade, protected the shaft from splitting, gave a convienient tip to jab into the ground when a spear rack was not convenient, and was a good focal point for striking your opponent in strikes of opportunity, but was not the primary "business end."

      Japanese polearm work (with the exception of the Ono type weapons) tend to rely on the ability for the user to change position along the shaft quickly. One can either choke up on it or go to the end to get maximum reach or leverage, a dual ended sword does not fit this style.

      Some people may want to point out Jo-do and the staff/stick arts of Japan for emphasizing why these weapons would be practical... They would not, simply because those arts as well rely on being able to use the full length of a staff both as a striking surface, and as a gripping surface. With these things in mind it is doubtful that the Japanese even produced a single prototype for you to track down.

      I think 8-bit theater said it best with... "Sword-chucks"
      Hope this helps,

      -Takeda Sanjuichiro
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