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17547Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Re: Re: Heisig's Method for Learning Kanji

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  • Ii Saburou
    Jan 6, 2005
      On Thu, 6 Jan 2005, Solveig wrote:

      > The Korean take on things is not so much that the Japanese naval forces
      > stunk, but that the Korean naval forces were really good. They do have a
      > point there. They had several turtles.

      Which is fairly well substantiated by the history of the region: The
      Korean kingdoms were the ones that seem to have been doing much of the
      coastal trade. It was Korean ships and crews that piloted the Mongols
      over to Japan. I seem to recall it was even Korea that helped furnish the
      tributary ships which made it down around the tip of Africa (and possibly

      In fact, the Japanese invasion only really seems to have worked because
      they caught the Koreans sleeping--they had no idea that an invasion was
      coming, and after the Japanese landed it was too late. Once they realized
      it, though, they played terrible havoc with the Japanese supply
      lines--attributed as one of the main reasons for Japanese defeat on the
      penninsula, iirc.

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