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  • Park McKellop
    Jan 2, 2005
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      In one of my books, I have a piece of Japanese artwork that shows a 'demon' that taught about certain herbal remedies. It looks like a human from the New Guinea area, or possibly an African pygmy, due to the teeth being filed to points. Definitely 'black', and I think it was more evident an encounter with the NG area than Africa. When I get home, I'll try to pull it out. I rate it as only 'possible' not probable.

      Why didn't they do the sea exploration thing? Too much empty water to the East? China had most of the coastal trade locked in? Japan was an introspective rather than explorative culture? No idea...


      Booknerd9@... wrote:

      > The Japanese tried the empire thing in the 1590s. They started with
      > Korea. The plan was to go on into northern China.

      Didn't the Japanese give this path of imperialism another try in the
      early 20th century, sending the military into parts of China
      (Manchuria? Or am I off) and Korea? Ok, ok, not Period.
      Actually, I think there's a lot of information about the large sea-
      faring enterprises of China (can't recall the exact time period). I
      know there's a book called "1421: The Year the Chinese Discovered
      America" but the author's theory is very very weak.

      Sorry I'm rambling a bit; I guess that's the nature of the thought

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