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  • Ellen Davis
    Jan 2, 2005
      > There is also talk about a Jomon pottery in Equador, but I
      > find this claim
      > much much more suspicious--I'd be more inclined to say that
      > it developed
      > independently than to think that early Japanese crossed the
      > Pacific ocean
      > with regular frequency but we only find the evidence in Ecuador. Of
      > course, once you have cord-marked pottery in Ecuador, I would
      > assume that
      > any other instances in the Americas would probably be the
      > result of trade.
      > -Ii

      The pottery in question is called Valdivia ware and does bear a marked
      similarity to certain Jomon styles from both Honshu and Kyushu. For a good
      long time, it was thought to be the earliest pottery in the Americas,
      leading some scholars to believe that it came about because a bunch of Jomon
      sailors got shipwrecked on the coast of Ecuador (Japanese pottery, FYI, is
      some of the-- if not THE-- earliest in the world). Nowadays the
      "Jomon-Valdivia hypothesis" has pretty much been discredited, but the whole
      thing is an interesting example of parallel development.

      (Not to toot my own sho, but I wrote a paper on this whole shebang as part
      of an American Prehistory class, and I'm posting it to the Files section
      under "Valdivia.doc". It's a bit technical in places but I thought it might
      be helpful and/or interesting.)

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