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17478Re: Heisig's Method for Learning Kanji

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  • Otagiri Tatsuzou
    Jan 1, 2005
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      > Greetings from Solveig! When I looked at the Heisig webpage, some of the
      > characters were too small to make out and they were not animated.
      > --

      Greetings for Otagiri!

      Yes ... this can be a problem at times. But I use the evisa.com site
      only as a supplement.

      You can download for free a portion of Heisig's book from the
      following site. This is what I am working from for now. I have ordered
      a copy of his book to be delivered to my hotel.

      You made two points against Heisig's method. One is that the kanji are
      learned with English meanings and without Japanese pronounciation and
      the other is that the kanji are learned with only one meaning. I
      understand his method is considered somewhat controversial, probably
      due to these reasons. I believe that Heisig has delibrately sacrificed
      completeness for simplicity in an attempt to help the student cram
      enough of them to begin reading (kanji as English) as soon as
      possible. It's not a complete method. I know I will have to go back
      and learn the multiple meanings and Japanese pronouciation. But it's a
      start. I am on lesson 5 today. And with the evisa site for
      reinforcement, I think I will do okay.

      New Year Resolution - complete the memorization of all of Heisig's
      kanji in Book 1 this year. I hope to begin reading practise in a few
      months. I am currently paging through my few kanji books to identify
      the kanji as I learn them. Next year, I can start to learn to read out

      My New Year's haiku:

      A thousand kanji
      A thousand bottles of beer
      I cannot finish!

      Ichi sen kanji
      Biiru no ichi sen pon
      Kore de owari

      (ten kanji a day) Otagiri
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