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1733Re: [SCA-JML] Theatre at Pennsic XXX

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Sep 5, 2000
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      Barbara Nostrand wrote:

      > Baron Edward!
      > Greetings from Solveig! Clan Yamakaminari has for reasons unknown to me
      > decided that they want to have a Noh stage complete with Noh plays at
      > Pennsic XXX. I am currently thinking of staging Atsumori (which I think
      > can count as a ghost play) followed by Yo'uchi Soga (a warrior play)
      > with an intervening kyogen and with inter-act ai-kyogen. Possibly
      > something like Hachiman no Mae, Boshibari, Busu, Bikusada, Kusabira,
      > Kubihiki, Fukurou, or Hanatorizumo. What do you think?

      I've gotta tell you....

      I think that's an over-ambitious program. It's hard enough to teach
      seasoned western actors Noh techniques, let alone a handful of amateurs.
      Then try to teach them more than one play. Then try to get them to
      rehearse, and to find a PLACE to rehearse together.

      I really believe that if you can pull ONE play off this first time around,
      perhaps with a kyogen, it's a major achievement.

      Think of the costuming alone. Oy, the headaches.

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