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173[SCA-JML] kanji and romanji

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  • Ogami Itto
    Jan 28, 2000
      Is it just me, or am I the only person that ever brings much of
      anything up these days? Huh.

      Anyway, to everyone out there that can read and write Japanese, I
      am looking for the kanji for the words "fear", "emptiness", and
      "despair". I don't know if there are modifiers for these adjectives
      (i.e., "to want" in spanish is "querer", "I want" is "quiero")- if
      there are, I would like kanji representing "[I] despair", "[there is]
      emptiness", and "[only] fear [exists]".
      In addition, I would like the pronounciation written out in
      romanji, with the literal translations, and the conotative translation.
      Oh, and if someone could write it in a calligraphic style, that would
      be really cool.
      I am willing to work out some sort of compensation for services.
      Anyone wishing to reply should contact me at my e-mail address,
      Thanks again,
      Love you
      Ogami Itto
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