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17220Re: [SCA-JML] Samurai Class in SCA

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  • Elaine Koogler
    Dec 7, 2004
      Yamashiro Kato' wrote:

      > Konnichiwa,
      > A question has come up in my little corner of the Known World and I
      > was hoping
      > for opinions from the honored list.
      > "In the SCA, when would you be considered a Samurai?"
      > I play the game as though I'm not a Samurai until I am elevated to the
      > Order of
      > the Chivalry. To me, being a Samurai is the equivalent to being a
      > Knight.
      > Does anyone have any other perspectives?
      > -A nip named Kato
      My understanding was that the term "samurai" referred to the class in
      Japanese Society, which was made up of warriors and their families. I
      am not a fighter, but have played my personna as being a lady of the
      samurai class.

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