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  • Barbara Nostrand
    Aug 31, 2000
      Noble Cousin!

      Decorative wooden combs and things like that can be purchased at
      sovenier stores at places like Asaksa. You may also be able to
      purchase them from larger Japanese groceries such as Yoshinoya
      in Cambridge, Mass.

      Now then. All of those ukiyoe prints with which you are familiar
      are from the Tokugawa period and are therefore post-period as
      far as the Society is concerned. There were lots and lots of
      hair styles during the Tokugawa period. These hairstyles were
      (if you believe the folks at Kabukiza) highly influenced by
      the Kabuki theatre. Sometime after 1600, the Tokugawa Bakufu
      forbad women from appearing on stage and later required all
      of the male actors to shave the fronts of their heads. This
      necessitated the development of wigs. Throughout most of
      period, upper class Japanese women wore their hair in a
      pony tail with their hair tied back with a rather simple white

      Why cann't I find my books with the nice pictures when I need
      them? SIGH.

      Your Humble Servant
      Solveig Throndardottir
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