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17149Re: silk painting -- tangent

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  • S. David Lee
    Dec 1, 2004
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      <maggie_mae1@j...> wrote:
      >I was told that some padded and/or quilted garments are created
      with fabric scraps (as wool was not available to create batting)
      > Megge

      While clothing certainly isn't my area of expertise, it's my
      understanding that the Japanese didn't quilt in the Western sense of
      the word.

      The padding in jacket which Akiley and I made has the batting sewn
      to the inside seam allowances, which I was told is a period
      technique. We used poly batting instead of the correct silk, cost
      being a factor. I understand that silk batting clings to the inside
      of the main fabric, allowing very little shifting.

      Westerners often refer to sashiko embroidery as quilting, when in
      fact it does not 'quilt' at all, though there is a surface
      resemblance. (And I don't believe sashiko is period. I could be

      Please correct me if I'm wrong here. As I said, I am no
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