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170[SCA-JML] Re: Yari (and gulf wars)

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  • Joshua Badgley
    Jan 25, 2000
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      On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Ogami Itto wrote:

      > Hey, everyone,
      > I don't really expect that anyone will know the answer to this
      > one, but here goes...
      > I am in the process of making a jumonji-yari. I was making it
      > about the length that yari typically appear to be in the movies (about
      > 16"). But on eBay a few days back, someone was selling a jumonji-yari,
      > and they had it scaled to about 8" long, with a 16" tang. What gives?
      > Is there a sort of maximum length, and is a 16" yari going to be way to
      > long?

      I don't know, but I will check and see what I can find for you here; I
      should have some pictures coming back in a week or so, but that might be
      too late, I don't know.

      Naginata, I know, varied widely, with huge blades of almost half the
      length of the pole on some, two only the last quarter or so. I don't know
      if the same was true of the yari.

      I will see what I can find for you.


      Godric Logan
      aka Joshua Badgley
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