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16857Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Kamon attempt # 2784 beta niner.....

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  • Donald Luby
    Oct 27, 2004
      On Oct 27, 2004, at 5:10 AM, gavinstuart wrote:

      >> beginSnip>>
      >> It looks to me to be some sort of generic 5-petaled flower with black
      >> petals, green barbs or leaves, a white center, and has
      >> been 'fimbriated' (i.e. a small border put around a charge) white, so
      >> that it shows up on the black background.
      >> <<endSnip<<
      > Originally, the design was:
      > sable, on three roundels one and two argent, three roses of the first,
      > barbed and seeded of the second.

      In that case, after talking with my heraldic associates, there seems a
      pretty good (50-50 or better) chance that it will pass. The closest
      conflict we could find (easily) was "Sable, three roundels argent",
      which since the default position is "two and one", you get one point of
      difference for that, and putting a charge on each of the roundels gets
      you the second.

      > More or less. I would liked to have the roses (or insert a more
      > appropriate 'Japanese Flower' here...)encased in hexagons, abutted to
      > one another, but I'm unsure how to list that in 'European Heraldric
      > Terms.' My only visible recourse was to list them on three roundels
      > and use my 'Artistic Expression' to its utmost, and draw them in
      > hexagons. Does anyone have a better suggestion as to how to proceed?

      Well, given that there are 15 registered arms in the SCA that have
      'hexagon' as a charge, you might be able to get away with "Sable, on
      three hexagons conjoined in center argent, three {japanese flowers}",
      even though hexagons are not considered visually different from
      roundels; now, none have been registered in the past 10 years, so there
      might have been some moratorium placed on hexagons by the CoA, but if
      so, I can't find any.

      > Kinoshita Zenjirou Yoshimitsu

      Sir Koredono
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