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16847Re: [SCA-JML] Kamon attempt # 2784 beta niner.....

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  • sigrune@aol.com
    Oct 26, 2004
      Lord Kinoshita,

      That is a quite lovely design. Unless there is a conflict it should pass (I'm reading it as roses on roundels upon a field, in case someone wonders wonders.)

      I do not know if it appears presumptuous to any European charge, but certainly not to any Japanese one, To my knowledge the only charges I have heard of (current definition) being presuptuous Japanese are 5 toe dragons, Kiku mon of 16,20,or 32 petals (though I have heard it said as any over 8 is presuptuous, but that was on a heralds list and there was disagreement about it) And the Tokugawa triple aoi crest. At one time I had seen the Fujiwara and Toyotomi crests listed, but they no longer appear on the lists of presuptuous charges. I feel this is a good thing because there were many slight variations of the fujiwara butterfly and many uses of the palowina among various crests, so it seems proper for there to be use of those themes in the SCA.

      As far as your crest design goes for being Japanese, Even if rendered in a monochrome fasion, the elements do not fit, it looks very European. However the European way you have it drawn will likely pass more easily, In use simply draw it in a more Japanese style, it is what many of us have to or have had to do over the years. Possibly your kingdom may be more tolerant, but the CoH may not.

      My device itself had to be submitted being drawn in the European manner. ::sigh::

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