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168[SCA-JML] Yari (and gulf wars)

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  • Ogami Itto
    Jan 25, 2000
      Hey, everyone,
      I don't really expect that anyone will know the answer to this
      one, but here goes...
      I am in the process of making a jumonji-yari. I was making it
      about the length that yari typically appear to be in the movies (about
      16"). But on eBay a few days back, someone was selling a jumonji-yari,
      and they had it scaled to about 8" long, with a 16" tang. What gives?
      Is there a sort of maximum length, and is a 16" yari going to be way to
      Second, is there any furniture that I should have for a yari, or
      do you just put a slot in a long shaft and put mekugi through to hold
      the blade in place? (Then how do I hold the mekugi in place, without
      any tsuka-itto? Do I rivet the blade onto the shaft?) It seems like I
      can find lots of books dealing with sword, since they are artistic as
      well as functional, but yaris don't seem to qualify for much in the way
      of scholarly tomes.
      Finally, does anyone in this group planning on going to Gulf Wars?
      Be Well,
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