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1627Re: Tatami

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  • elmar schmeisser
    Aug 9, 2000
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      --- In sca-jml@egroups.com, Barbara Nostrand <nostrand@a...> wrote:

      > Yes indeed. The tsurigama is a Winter temae. It is conducted either
      > in a small tea room or possibly in late Winter. The reason is that
      > the unryugama and generally other tsurigama as well are relatively
      > small and use small fires.

      This seems strange - small fires in the coldest time of winter?
      Also, I was thinking of outdoors (e.g. Pennsic <g>) - I have seen
      (Sen'o Tanaka's book) a tripod made of branches hanging a kettle
      outdoors in not-winter. At any rate - the bottom line is that the
      kettle height vs. the ground level is the same for both trivet and
      tripod, and the manner of service is also the same.

      Thank you again, sensei.

      - jutte (seamus/elmar)
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