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16198Re: [SCA-JML] Patterns?

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  • Elaine Koogler
    Sep 8, 2004
      Ron McAdams wrote:

      > Right now I have some fairly "blah" garb. I really would like
      > something with cool patterns (prints) but I can never seem to find
      > anything that fits the bill unless its a poly blend or straight poly.
      > Any pointers online (or retail)?
      > ICHIKAWA no Moromoto
      Have you checked out the decorator fabrics at your favorite fabric
      shop? I have found numerous prints there in cotton that work
      wonderfully well. Also...you know that you can print your own...you can
      do some really cool stuff with "found objects", carved veggies
      (potatoes, turnips, carrots), or linoleum blocks! Just make sure you
      use a good quality paint...I know it's not period, but works--I use
      artist's acrylic paint that comes in a tube, then thin it slightly with
      water. When you're done, you can set the color by "spritzering" it with
      a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water, and iron it dry (be
      sure to put a layer of newspaper and "fuzz-free" fabric/dish towel
      between the fabric and your ironing board and use a "fuzz-free"
      dishtowel between the fabric and your iron to protect them from the color.

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