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1600Re: Tatami

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  • elmar schmeisser
    Aug 7, 2000
      --- In sca-jml@egroups.com, Barbara Nostrand <nostrand@a...> wrote:

      >...Get your tatami first
      > and then build the room around them...
      > The cutout varies in size...

      Somehow, I can't get my wife to agree to my taking a chainsaw to the
      upstairs floor to insert a fire pit - my best bet has been to dig one
      outdoors and cover it with a large square paving stone when not in

      On this topic, I usually switch (depending on my mood) between a
      tripod over the pit and a trivet in the pit. My question is this -
      what should be the level of the kettle lip with the tripod? down
      near ground level as if a sunken kettle, or up higher as if a
      portable kettle (furo)?

      - elmar (ska Takanofuji Jutte, aka Seamus)
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