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158[SCA-JML] Re: karaginu, other pretty toys

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  • Ogami Itto
    Jan 6, 2000
      > Avoid Noh costume; in many cases, the terms used are the same for
      > clothing with the same name, but the garments are in fact different
      (as the
      > wearing of some items was proscribed by those not entitled to do so).

      Okay, so to avoid problems, how do I deal with making myself a
      kariginu? Would this be something that I should even bother trying to
      make, if I am trying to do a mid-ranked samurai? Oh, and I did mispell
      that in the earlier post. Sorry.

      > Second -- the karaginu is a woman's robe. Kariginu (hunting coat)= a
      > court robe. Karaginu (Chinese coat)= woman's underrobe.

      > I've never seen a pre-Tokugawa nagakamishimo...

      Oops. I blew it. I'd swear that I saw something about the
      nagakamishimo dating from 1570's, but when I checked again, I couldn't
      find it. Wishful thinking, maybe? Anyway, the hakama that they showed
      were the really, really long ones that you can't actually walk in.

      > Overlapping pleats were extant but not the norm in the 1500s.

      > Yaohan, in Chicago. Also perhaps your local Oriental grociery store.
      > can usually find bowls and plates at least. The bowls are usually
      > (a kind of plastic) instead of lacquered wood, but given the cost of
      > real puppy, it's a deal. <G>

      Oh, yeah, you can say _that_ again. I saw some actual, modern pieces
      (non-antique) going for 30,000+ yen. Ouch! Does Yaohan have a web
      site, or do I have to truck my butt on down to Chicago? It's kind of a
      long drive... And while I'm thinking of it, any good books on the
      practical side of laquerware, as opposed to the artistic garbage that
      is barely functional?

      Sorry to use this forum for semi-private messages... <grin>
      Ogami Itto
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