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1579Re: [SCA-JML] OOP -- Memoirs of a Geisha

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  • Eva Grammer
    Aug 1, 2000
      OK, OK, so I don't have the best eye when choosing reading matter.  I still like the book, no matter how accurate it is.  But I've got the one you recommend by Dalby on my "to buy" list also.


      Barbara Nostrand wrote:

      I know! I posted a recommendation for this book when I bought it a couple
      of weeks ago. Since then, I finished reading it, and I still recommend it.
      For those of you not familiar  with Dalby. She is the famous anthropologist
      who studied Geisha several decades ago. She is still probably the only
      Westerner to study being a geisha. According to the dust jacket of Dalby's
      book, she was hired as a technical consultant for the film version of
      Memoire of a Geisha. If the director pays attention to her, the movie
      could easily be better than the book version.

      Now for one of the reasons that I went barf when reading the front matter
      of Memoire of a Geisha. The author of that book dissed Dalby. He says that
      he consulted her when writing and early manuscript, but later met a real
      Geisha and threw out all that he had written. Yack! Yack! Yack! I am not
      convinced that he ever met a Geisha (except for possibly Dalby). I am
      confident that Dalby met dozens.

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