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15756Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Titles of Address; Formal Correspondence

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  • Maria
    Aug 4, 2004
      Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

      > Maria wrote:
      > > I once wrote a tanka using the phrase "wine-dark sea" as an
      > > attempt at a makura-katoba
      > > (http://www.shef.ac.uk/japan2001/makurakotoba.shtml)
      > <http://www.shef.ac.uk/japan2001/makurakotoba.shtml%29> .
      > Oh, good lord... another person who has bought into the theoretical
      > pronunciation of early Japanese.
      Sorry you didn't like the website, Hiraizumi-dono. I mainly posted it
      because of the paragraph that explained what a makura-kotoba was (since
      people might not understand the term, and I lack the vocabulary to
      explain it properly).

      As far as pronunciations, I haven't gotten that far yet. *blushes* I'm
      still trying to conquer modern Japanese. I go by the romanji given with
      the English translations in my poetry books so far. Figured I'd deal
      with that other issue (Classical Japanese) when I have more experience.
      I've tried to read some of the poetry in the original form but I'm not
      quite at that level yet.

      However, I guess my point was trying to adapt the concept of
      makura-kotoba into English, and whether it could be done without
      sounding stupid or trite (or plagiaristic) our language. It's less
      about translation from Japanese and more about composition in English.
      I apologize if I wasn't clear.

      Ki no Torahime
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