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15719Re: Things I've been dying to know..

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  • Otagiri Tatsuzou
    Aug 3 6:21 AM
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      > I think what always threw me off about "Ran" was that even though the
      > armor was obviously sengoku, the Great lord and his peers/sons all
      > wore tachis, which I always heard were used much earlier. Although
      > upon reviewing it recently I did notice all the other samurai wore
      > later period katana/tanto daisho.


      If you look through the portraits of various lords of the sengoku and
      at the battle scrolls, you will see that men of rank wore tachi more
      frequently than katana. While wearing a katana/wakizashi did displace
      wearing a tachi/uchi-gatana, it appears to me that the style worked
      its way from the bottom-up and the katana did not completly displace
      the tachi until after Sekigahara.

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