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15711Re: [SCA-JML] Things I've been dying to know..

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  • Solveig
    Aug 2, 2004
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      Noble Cousin!

      Greetings from Solveig!

      >Are sleeves which have the bottoms of the front openings sewn up to
      >form a pocket period?

      Pretty much no.

      >Are koshi-ita period? (if not, all 5 of my hakama need surgery lol)

      Pretty much no.

      >why do some samurai in movies have shaved foreheads and some don't?
      >Does it signify anything?

      The ones who don't have shaven forlocks are either young boys or
      disreputable rakes.

      >What period is the movie "Ran" set in? (if any)

      It's King Lear. However, the armour and castles and that sort of thing
      appear to be drawn from the Sengoku Period. However, someone more
      interested in such questions can answer this one much more reliably than

      >Some of the men in "Ran" appear to be wearing one-piece
      >Hitatare/Hakama things. Are they really one-piece and if so what are
      >they called?

      It's called matching fabric.

      Your Humble Servant
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      Amateur Scholar

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