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14411Re: nunchaku, flails and tetsubo

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  • Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie
    May 3, 2004
      Konnichi wa, tomodachi,
      Having replied earlier, I think it might be of interest that I once
      convinced a local Marshalate to let me try, under "rigid
      restrictions..." the use of an SCA version of a san setu bo - a
      chinese style three sectional staff.
      I was under no conditions allowed to flail it, or use it in "pinching
      manouvers..."...but I was allowed to use it under trial conditins as a
      sort of two weapon with a connected brace in the center.
      I am well versed in real three sectional staff use, and know probably
      all of the real applications for the thing. Knowing such, I was
      allowed to "confine myself" to using only certain aspects of the weapon.
      Did Samurai use it? - no. Could it be lethal against an armored
      opponent? I doubt it would be any more effective than any other real
      wooden weapon...
      Was it fun? Hells yes!
      The experiment went on for a summer, and I have to say, even trained
      in the real uses, it was often "tempting" to use it beyond the SCA
      constraints impositions...
      In the end, we gave it up as an interesting, but not particularly
      productive experiment.
      No one was harmed, and all went well. I like experimental weapons
      forms - provided all possible "safty measures" are accounted for.

      Date Saburou Yukiie
      Yama Kaminari Ryu
      Shi wa hei to de aru - all are equal in the grave
      http://www.kabutographics (still under re-construction)

      > Interesting reply. Am I really coming across as if I have some kind of
      > vested interest in all of this? I know that I've got a bit of an
      > anti-authoritarian streak in me, so I can be a little "contrary" at
      > Its just an *idea* I have - that it might be possible to make an SCA
      > flail or morningstar (though not a nunchaku, or course...) <hacked
      the rest off...>
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