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14409Re: [SCA-JML] Re: nunchaku, flails and tetsubo

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  • Andrew Leitch
    May 3, 2004

      Interesting reply. Am I really coming across as if I have some kind of
      vested interest in all of this? I know that I've got a bit of an
      anti-authoritarian streak in me, so I can be a little "contrary" at times.

      Its just an *idea* I have - that it might be possible to make an SCA legal
      flail or morningstar (though not a nunchaku, or course...). I'm not out to
      hurt people or take risks at other people's expense. Its just that when
      someone tells me I *can't* do something, my natural reaction is to at least
      ask why... and if I'm not satsified with the answer, to try and do it
      anyway. :)

      That said, I'm not actually interested in doing that right now. I'm too
      absorbed with the latest fechtbuch to worry about building the perfect
      flail (one day though, I just *know* it can be done....:)).

      And of course we must keep our safety in mind. When someone suggests we
      try something new and dangerous (like grappling or grabbing swords for
      instance), I'm usually the first to say "no way"! I've got a regular job to
      do that involves me being on call to restrain someone at a moment's notice.
      I can't really afford to carry around any injuries. However, if it can be
      proved to me that a new weapon or technique can be used safely, then I'm
      all for it.


      "Also remember we are "guests" of our Occidental friends in the SCA and
      some weapons of the orient will not conform easily or at all to the Rules
      of the List."


      Ahhh... actually, I'm one of those "Occidental friends" at the moment. :)
      I've been playing a Frenchman for the last seven years. But don't worry,
      I'm not about to put together my oriental persona, march out onto the field
      with a dangerous tetsubo or nunchaku or other untried weapon and demand
      that people accept my weapon along with my new persona - thus ruining for
      everyone else who wants to be Japanese. :p

      Anyway... I'm perhaps getting a little overwrought over nothing. Sorry if I
      got anyone else worried that I was about to test my opinions about the
      potential safety of flails or tetsubos by trying one out on an unsuspecting
      opponent at the next tourney. I'm sure my knight and my lady would be most
      displeased if I did.

      - Andre le hyakusho
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