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14408RE: [SCA-JML] Kozane Update from Noble Plastic.

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  • Timothy Adams
    May 3, 2004
      ok so home many plates will me need ?
      is ~2000 acurrate?

      Tim Adams
      Unix Administrator
      work 317-651-3734
      work PCS 317-331-1846
      My PCS 918-808-1061

      It is only a guess at this point, but I think we're looking at
      $24-25/pack of 100 plates, domestic US shipping included. Shipping
      surcharges to the UK or Germany could be $10-$25 US depending on
      quantity. There may be quantity discounts available similar to the
      Auk plates, that is roughly 2,000 plates for $440. Effingham and
      others I'm sure can provide guidance on the needed quantities for the
      various styles. Thank you all for your patience.

      Missy Rogers
      Noble Plastics.

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