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143[SCA-JML] Clothing, movies, and etc.

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  • Ogami Itto
    Dec 1, 1999
      Happy thanksgiving to everyone!
      I've got a couple of questions for today and two statements.
      Statement one: I have just purchased a copy of Edward-tono's role
      playing game called "Sengoku", which I recommend, if nothing else, for
      the rather extensive list of books and movies contained in the
      bibliography. It looks like I have a bit of reading to do, and it
      would take an act of God for me to even track down all the movies
      Statement two: I have found a website offering such classics as
      Lone Wolf and Cub, Zatoichi, Sleepy Eyes of Death, Lady Snowblood, and
      a bunch of others for sale. If any of you out there are movie freaks
      like me, it might be of interest. The site is http://www.videoz.com
      Look for their Samurai Cinema section.
      Now that I have all my unpaid advertisements out of the way, I
      would pose a few questions.
      Question one: I have recently seen Ran for the first time (yeah,
      yeah, I know...), and I was wondering exactly what that garment that
      all the lords seemed to be wearing was. It appears to be somewhat
      longer than waist length, has a cord in the front to tie it shut
      (somewhat like a haori), and has a collar like a haori. But the
      sleeves are long and poofy, attached only at the top of the shoulder,
      and have a cord around the wrist of the sleeve, somewhat like (pardon
      if I mangle the spelling) a suikan. I also noticed that this
      particular garment was worn by the lords all the time (even when
      hunting and traveling), and appeared to match the hakama in all cases.
      Is this particular garment worn only by men of rank, or was it worn by
      anyone that could afford it? And does it have to match the hakama, or
      is it proper to have it in a contrasting color or pattern?
      Question two: How do I go about fashioning an eboshi such as was
      worn by the lords? It appeared to be laquered into shape, and had a
      tie the went from the tip of the cap to the front, and tied around the
      chin. Clues, anyone?
      Question three: I noticed that hakama appeared to be in varying
      length- was this a reflection on station, or for utility?
      Question four: When putting mon on garments, were they always
      embroidered? I ask because it is far cheaper to have it silk-screened,
      but I don't know if this is proper or not. (And I seem to be having a
      tough time finding books that will answer the question...)

      That should do it for today. Thank you again for your patience
      with my foolishness.
      Domo Arigato
      Ogami Itto
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