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14272Pennsic Classes

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  • Minamoto no Taikawa Saiaiko
    Apr 22, 2004
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      I will definitely be at the Samurai Chef class, it sounds yummy!
      (Please excuse me though, the image of John Belushi with a katana
      keeps popping up in my brain.) ;)

      Since we are talking about classes, I would like to throw my two
      cents in about Pennsic education this summer:

      In honor of the art of warfare, my fellow presenters and I are
      offering a demonstration on the techniques of prisoner restraint in
      medieval Japan.

      Title of Class- Hojojutsu: Prisoner Restraint in Medieval Japan
      Description- A demonstration of period prisoner restraint, including
      different levels of severity, binding as torture for interrogation,
      and the social ramifications of captivity.

      I hope to present this class on the Monday or Tuesday of War Week in
      the evening. It has been a great deal of fun researching and
      putting this class together, and I hope many of you will come and
      share our enthusiasm!

      ~ Minamoto no Taikawa
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