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1380A report of my journey

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  • Joshua Badgley
    Jul 1 1:55 AM
      From the Capital, Godric Logan sends greetings.

      The summer is surely upon us for the weather is unbearably hot, and the
      sweat drips from my forehead in torrents. Fortunately, though clouds fill
      the sky, we have yet to see any sign of rain. It would be unfortunate
      should a typhoon hit on my return to Owari, but I do not think that such
      is in the near future.

      I had the most fortunate luck of being able to drop by the Costume Museum
      and shall deliver what pictures I have to Hiraizumi-dono with all
      speed; unfortunately they are as yet unready to travel. I almost was
      unable to get any pictures, as the museum was closed, but I entreated them
      most politely to allow me entrance as I had a friend in the provinces with
      a great need for them. I recieved entrance, and was even treated by the
      owner to a look at the new creation about to be revealed as they are
      taking down the Genji Monogatari display.

      I have also acquired for myself a weapon of fine balance, if simple style.
      It was a truly weighty decision as I had to feel the balance and the
      spirit of the sword before committing to it, but I believe it will serve
      me well.

      Unfortunately, the cost has been greater than I expected and I do not know
      that I will be able to make the planned trip to Yedo. This has left me
      disappointed, but only in that I will not be able to see my good friend
      before Fall. As for Yedo itself, I am not to grieved that I am not able
      to see such a provincial country town as that, so far from the heart of

      My time is short, so I will must close this letter. I shall return to
      Owari province in two days time, but will not be recieving messages until
      then. I hope all are well.

      -Godric Logan

      PS: Originally I was just sending this to Hiraizumi-dono, but then it
      began to write itself. I am well, and hope you are too. I will be
      putting up what pictures I take when I get a chance.