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13297Re: "The Samurai" on the History Channel

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  • Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie
    Feb 29, 2004
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      Except for the first few minutes of Yabusame action...it was
      rather..., um, less than accurate...you really have to know the
      history, because if you don't...it is misleading...
      It should, in this case be called the
      "Well, It sounds like History...and no one will know the difference

      It is nice that they highlighted pics from every book we own - you can
      almost see the page numbers in your head...

      Oh well...it is still nice to turn the sound off and watch armor in
      motion...<personal observation> It is better than TLS support crap
      that was shown before it...
      Gads!!! And I was hoping for so much...

      Date (sigh)

      > I didn't notice that. I did notice that they almost invariably are
      > showing late to post-period armors even when talking about Heian
      > Some of the historical info can be forgiven since they are cramming
      a lot
      > of history into a two-hour show, but I still found a lot of things that
      > were... off. Or else true, but misleading. IOW, typical History
      > show.
      > -Ii
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