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13234Re: Possible Armor Lacing Braid Source

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  • otagiri_tatsuzo
    Feb 25, 2004
      > Which raises an interesting question: how much lace is required for
      > armor? Let's assume a do, sode, and kusazuri (plus extra bits for
      > tying, the haidate, etc) done in kebiki and suit 1 and one in sugake
      > as suit 2. I'm wondering if it would be more cost effective on a 1
      > suit run going with this new source or lacesforless.

      For kebiki, as a rough order of magnitude, assume the full length of
      the scales X the number of scales. For a do maru + sode of Noble
      kozane, that would be ~1500 x 2.75" ~= 114 yards of lace. I would
      probably order 20-30% more as CYA for a total of 150 yards.

      You can do the same sort of calculation for sugake if you already laid
      out the "knot" locations. # Knots x ~height of plate = ~ length of
      lacing. For a tosei gusoku, you need to include extra length defining
      kusazuri <-> do since that would likely be longer than the height of a

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