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13233Re: Possible Armor Lacing Braid Source

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  • Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie
    Feb 25, 2004
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      Takaharu-dono to Otagiri-dono
      I must go without saying that a kebiki odoshi harness will cost more
      in terms of lacing than a sugake harness.
      I am afraid that cost effectiveness with armor is a question that many
      must face, but the questions involved are many...
      We accept that in this game, armor is sometimes needed...
      We also need to ballance our desires for a period look, or a
      functional SCA look...
      We must add to the equation how we might accomplish this -
      Shall we drill a gojillian holes?
      Shall we go with minimum functionality?
      Can we afford the time to drill a gojillian holes?
      Do we have the equipment to drill a gojillian holes...?
      Personally, long ago, I made decisions thaT i still stick by...

      Since I like the look of kebiki odoshi, I decided long ago that I
      should wear kebiki laced harnesses...It fits my persona...I am the
      head of a proper house, and should therefore have armor that reflects
      my status...
      I am also (greatfully) a squire (retainer) of a legitimate and well
      known KSCA/Clan BuGyo/Court Baron...I must follow certain house
      restrictions and standards...It is mandated that we seek a look that
      is commensurate with our ability to maintain...in both my household
      codes, and those of Hagakure and earlier documents.
      I see it as a duty to give the effort needed...
      I must, therefore, choose a ballance of look and my ability...and
      financial possibilities...and the research available...
      So, to answer an implied and direct question, I see the answer as

      The armor we wear should not only look as good as we can make it,
      because we are representing the status of not only our lowly
      selves...but that of our master...

      and...it is our duty to research how best we can serve that mandate...

      and...of course financial matters are important...but time, and
      physical effort must be included in the equation...

      I say:Use as much lacing as is proper. Take the effort. If you are
      building a sugake odoshi harnes, i say take the time to make it
      if using 1/4 inch braid for late period harnesses - put the holes in
      the armor close enough to make the armor look right...
      If building a hon kozane do maru - or a kiritsuke kozane do...make the
      armor look right...

      Parachute cord is not the right answer - unless that is the absolute
      only thing you have...and you know what...i would never put down a
      harness that was laced in parachute cord if that is all that was
      truely available...

      I have a number of drawings that I have done of various harnesses -
      with various lacing patterns...
      The amount of yardage of lacing of course depends on the harness...but
      I have done drawings only for reasonable reproductions...not

      if any one would like to discuss these measurements off list, it would
      be my pleasure...

      Date Saburou Yukiie
      Yama Kaminari Ryu
      shi wa hei to de aru - all are equal in the grave...
      http://www.kabutographics.com (under reconstruction)

      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, "mattfmcti" <mattfmcti@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Arrgh. I _just_ ordered 30 yards off of lacesforless...
      > >
      > > --otagiri
      > Which raises an interesting question: how much lace is required for
      > armor? Let's assume a do, sode, and kusazuri (plus extra bits for
      > tying, the haidate, etc) done in kebiki and suit 1 and one in sugake
      > as suit 2. I'm wondering if it would be more cost effective on a 1
      > suit run going with this new source or lacesforless.
      > Takaharu
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