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12524Help With Lacing Pattern of Shitagarami

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  • togeriso
    Jan 14, 2004

      Ohayo, Noble Samurai

      First off, my thanks to those who provided information on obtaining lacing for
      mr armour project. I've emailed St. Louis Braids and will probably go with
      them should there be no problems shipping to Canada.

      I have another question though, this one on the lacing process itself. This
      posting will be a wee bit long but I hope that it will all make sense in the end.

      Now, I am using kozane in the hon kozane style. When I start putting these
      pieces together, as I understand it I must first lace the bottom four rows to
      make shitagarami (apologies if I am saying this wrong).

      Each key scale hon kozane has two columns with four rows of holes for
      shitagarami. (For this message I am ignoring the other punched holes being
      used for odoshi.) When they overlap they will only have one column of four
      visible. From Edward of Effingham's site, I also see that I need a left hon
      kozane, which only has one column of punched holes. Finally there is a right
      hon kozane, also one column of four holes.

      So in this example (with a really, really small armour), we would have: left hon
      kozane, 3 key scale hon kozane, right hon kozane. I believe that this makes,
      with overlap, four columns and four rows of holes. To grid them out, they
      would look like:

      C1R1 C2R1 C3R1 C4R1
      C1R2 C2R2 C3R2 C4R2
      C1R3 C2R3 C3R3 C4R3
      C1R4 C2R4 C3R4 C4R4

      Now, from the two sites I have seen: Edward of Effingham's Sengoku/Katchu
      site and Wakagashira, it appears that one length of lacing is used to do all
      four rows: a bottom grouping of two rows and an upper grouping of two rows.

      Looking at the Sengoku site, Chapter 4: Kozane, 'Detail of shitagarami', the
      bottom grouping appears from the front to be vertical (C2R3 down to C2R4,
      up diagonally from behind to C3R3...), the upper grouping appears from the
      front to go in a diagonal stitching(C2R2 to C3R1, down from behind to
      C3R2...). That I understand and I see how that will work for the middle
      sections of the kozane.

      What I am curious about are the end pieces, and how the laces are moved up
      to the next grouping of two rows. Are there going to be open holes at the
      bottom of the kozane? Do I start at C1R4 or R3?

      Any information on this would be VERY greatly appreciated. I've been
      working out patterns for a week now and something is just plain eluding me.

      Many, many thanks in advance.

      See ya!!!
      Paul Thorgrimson
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